What is Procrastination?

“Never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.” – Charles Dickens

Well, I’m sorry, Charles. That’s an old school way of looking at it. And I know you were doing your best, taught by well meaning people for sure.

Actually…Procrastination is desire placed on hold.

I will forever remember the day my business strategist, Renee Gambino, put that thought and those words into my head and heart.

Procrastination is desire placed on hold.

Why, when tomorrow is never promised, would we EVER place a precious, divinely-inspired desire on hold?

I’m not talking about selfish desire, by the way.

I’m talking about the one that is programmed deep into your DNA: The innate desire we ALL have of serving, uplifting and helping humanity.

Because, my dear reader, when you do that, you are truly stepping into the BEing you are here to BE.

You are serving your highest purpose.

And guess what?

Because money is the effect and service (to humanity) is the cause, that means you are uncorking, unblocking, busting through your money barricades.

It means you are opening wide, stepping into your authentic self, at your highest level of self-expression, for the good of all.

What is in your highest and greatest good is in everyone’s highest and greatest good.

This is what we are built for.

This is why no two are the same.

This is why we are like individual and unique fingerprints out in the world.

And when we put that key in the door of life, it unlocks a paradise, heaven on earth.

I invite you to get clarity on what’s possible for your money (and your life).

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