Everything is energy, according to physics and metaphysics.

This is also expressed in Scientific and Universal Laws. (A good primer is Deepak Choprah’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.)

Everything is energy and so is money. I’m all about the money, because I believe when you make it all about the money, you become a better person. I know that’s a record skip to the brain for many of you, so let’s explore this further, and discover why self-care can be an easy entryway to more money, if you desire more, that is.

As Albert Einstein put it: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Therefore, if you want more money, you speed up your frequency, or step into a “higher” (or faster) frequency, so you are a match to (and actually attract to you) the money that you do want. Since abundant prosperity is your birthright, and just by breathing you are worthy of it, then it’s supposed to be easy.

In order to do it the easy way, what’s first to understand there are 7 energetic levels of money consciousness.

This is my signature discovery of the 7 Money Realities. Simply put, they range from the least preferred level of Deficient Absence all the way to Enlightened Gratitude and there are different vibrational frequencies associated with each level.

As you can see, this is different than what you may have been traditionally taught about money. As you go up in Levels, from One to Seven, the energy becomes lighter and more expansive. Let me give an example of how this works.

If you’ve ever been in love, you know that everything seems to have a glow to it. When one is in love, everything is rosy, everything is wonderful, the world is a beautiful place, and you notice more beauty around you than before. Unpreferred circumstances hardly register for you, since what’s effectively happening is that you are vibrating “higher” (faster) than the “lower” (or slower) vibration of those unpreferred circumstances, and therefore, there is no “room” for them in your energetic space.

Now, the Realty is…we must RECEIVE money in the physical. Therefore, it is important that our physical body be the healthiest, strongest and have the most vitality that we can possibly cultivate.

That’s where self-care comes in. There are four categories of self-care that impact how abundantly we can invite in and receive more money:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social, and
  • Spiritual

Here are 3 tips for elevating your self-care, so you can elevate your financial frequency and become a closer match to the money you desire.

  1. There is plenty written already about how to take better care of oneself physically.The number one self-care areathat my clients get the biggest “bang for their buck,” so to speak, is in forgiveness. This falls under the category of Emotional Self-Care, and when the onion is peeled back and you get to the core, this is usually an issue of self-forgiveness. I encourage and invite you to courageously ask yourself: “What do I need to forgive myself for in this moment?” See what comes up. Journal it.

Explore it. Feel into it. And then, when you realize what you need to give yourself forgiveness for, give it unhesitatingly to yourself. Once you do, you will find yourself feeling lighter, more expansive, and freer. I do a Forgiveness hypnotic meditation weekly, to keep my energetic slate clean, so to speak, and maintain higher and higher levels of vibrational frequency for myself.

  1. The second tip is in the Social category, which did take a hit during 2020 and continues to be impacted in 2021 by all the required social distancing for health safety concerns. We are social beings, programmed to be in community. Spending quality time together physically is a human need. And if we become too isolated over too long a time, it impacts our ability to receive money. This explains why there were so many people who experienced financial hardship during the lockdowns. Those of us who were creative in how we maintained connection with others were able to continue to receive prosperous money flow, because we kept our vibrational frequency high and maintained the attraction of money high as a result.
  2. My third tip comes from the Spiritual domain.Because (according to “A Course in Miracles”) we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and not the other way around, this is potentially THE most important self-care category to consider. Whatever creates a sacred space and time for you to connect with your Higher Self/Soul/God-self/Divine Nature (or whatever your terminology is), do THAT, and do it REGULARLY. This can range from going to church to passive meditation practices such as yoga or spending time in nature. When you pause and reflect, you raise your awareness and consciousness to higher realms, you maintain your connection to “larger than you,” and you connect with the insight and intuition to co-create very efficiently with the Universe/Source/God (or whatever your terminology is for that Entity). Essentially, this is like plugging yourself in to refill your battery, like you plug in your phone.

Here’s what I know. We receive money to our capacity to receive it. That means in order to receive more money, we get to first expand our capacity. The tips above are a good start. Other ways to expand one’s capacity to receive are to have items you consider beautiful in your space, that you can gaze upon and appreciate. Or, keeping your home, car, purse, etc. orderly. Order is high vibe as it helps us maintain our focus, and what we focus on expands. Also, keeping one’s stove clean, as there is a Feng Shui energy connection with one’s stove and money attraction and flow. These will all raise your frequency.

The most important thing about all of them is your intention. Be consciously aware about setting your intention for why you are doing one particular thing, and it will have the effect you desire.

Finally, here’s what to know about the relationship between money and service, and it goes back to what I said at the beginning.

When you make it all about the money, you become a better person because money is the effect and service is the cause.

It stands to reason that when you elevate your service to others, you will have the desired effect and receive more money. I do realize we don’t want the money per se; we want what the money gets or does for us, so we can be, do, and have more.

The one thing we cannot give another person is DESIRE. So, the question really comes down to: What do you REALLY want?