The 3 Prosperity Leverage Moves

As the UNRIVALED REALIZER, I love humanizing the fastest path to 2-3X more money so you can expand your prosperity, generosity and legacy. I help smart, successful women enjoy significantly more money, meaning & joy…without more hustle, over-thinking or being your own worst critic by showing you how to lead your money with your energy.

Why energy? First, because everything is energy, and so is money. It is your energy, or as I call it, financial frequency, that is a match for your money level, or as I call it, your Money Reality.

Second, because energy precedes mindset. We are taught that as long as we have a good money mindset, the cash will flow in. This is only part of the picture. When we step back and expand our perspective, we can see that before we are a thought, we are energy (as Paul Scheele puts it).

The challenge today is that most high-achievers are also over-givers, and you tend to be generous with your time and money to a fault. This means you willingly, lovingly put others before yourself…usually to your detriment, and what you don’t realize is that you are ignoring, denying or DELAYING what YOU truly want and desire, such as more cash flow, more consistency from your business, along with greater efficiencies to BE, do and have MORE with LESS time or effort.

I cannot tell you how many smart, intelligent, talented fempreneurs I speak with who, while having a great flow of business, are still not profitable, and are actually not taking a salary from their business, or if they are, it’s hardly at their desired level.

I’m going to share the 3 prosperity leverage moves you can make right now, so you can instantly raise your money consciousness and become a frequency match to money you desire. They are:

  1. Other People’s Time or OPT
  2. Other People’s Money or OPM
  3. And Leveraging a Future Value Certain

First, OPT (Other People’s Time). The best way to demonstrate this is to take your desired annual income, divide it by 2,080 which is the approximate number of hours we all work in a given year, and you will get your hourly rate. Anything UNDER this rate should be done by someone else, including housekeeping, bookkeeping, administrative and repetitive tasks, and the like.

So, think of ways you can immediately engage this first type of leverage in your life or business today. And bonus tip: choose progress over perfection, every time. Start out with ONE (which you like the least, because this is sucking your joy energy out of you every time, leaving you in a slower energetic frequency, which has the most detrimental effect on your financial frequency—ask me how I know!)

The second type of leverage is OPM (Other People’s Money). The example that is used by most business owners in this category is a business loan, which can be used for expansion or for investment and scaling up purposes. It can even be used to hire the additional support you need.

One of the perspective shifts that I help clients get is that ALL types of money count. Some people discount leveraging OPM because they were taught that all debt is bad. In reality, there is “good” debt (like mortgages, business loans, even student debt *if you leverage that degree for more money) and “bad” debt (like credit cards).

Let’s talk about the third, LFVC (Leveraging a Future Value Certain). This is a wealth concept I teach in my other business, so suffice to say here that you can use certain types of insurance as a guarantor in the future, which then gives you leverage NOW. Think of it like this: If I were to guarantee you would receive 100K in a year, would that change how you live between now and then? Of course it would. There is a reason the affluent have the best insurance – they understand how leverage works, especially this type.

Going back to the first type, OPT, another example of leveraging OPT is investing in working with an expert, so you can leverage THEIR expertise that they earned over time and you stand on their shoulders and go farther, faster.

For example, someone shared with me that she desires to TRIPLE or 3X her income over the next 6 months. If she were to leverage me as an expert, she could have than in half that time—so, by NOT leveraging an expert to help her get there faster, she’s leaving about 50K on the table, and that’s NOT including Lost Opportunity Cost (which could be the subject of a whole other blog).

When clients work with me, I’m overjoyed at their awesome results! One of my clients got TRIPLE the results from a 15-day program, and then added $9K+ to her bank account in 30 days or sooner in another of our programs. Another client had her first 20K month, from ZERO from her business the whole year prior! My signature methodology works when you work it.

A big reason behind my clients results is that I am one shoe in the practical and one shoe in the “woo”, and have an integrated, time-proven process for elevating your financial frequency.

So, if you don’t charge your value or take enough salary from your business and are now willing to change that if you could see how…

through a powerfully practical way to have more cash flow, add $10K+ to your bank account in 30 days or sooner, and get out of “work your butt off” mode…

WITHOUT continuing to invest in business strategies that don’t return on investment,

WITHOUT being challenged to add on staff or affiliates, AND

WITHOUT being a last priority…

…you might be interested in a program designed to do just that. Reply “10K” and I’ll be in touch with next steps!

Holding BIG space for YOUR unapologetic prosperity!

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