Spring Cleaning for Your Money

Spring has finally sprung here in the Northeast Poconos in Pennsylvania.

Overnight the daffodils, forsythia and magnolia trees are a bloom.

It’s a great reminder to freshen up our money.

You’ve heard of spring cleaning your home.

What about your money?

Since your financial frequency equates your Money Reality(TM)—which you can read all about in my best-seller, Money Energy Mastery; The 7 Money Realities

…and by frequency I mean the energy you BE, or what Sir David Hawkins calls your state of consciousness…

it helps you expand when you declutter your money, or give it a spring cleaning, so to speak.

Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Lead your money with your energy by daily setting it to the higher vibes of love, joy, happiness and gratitude. It will make the taking of action to exchange value for money so much easier!

2. What you track grows. Take stock of your money banked, sales made and cash flow out—on a regular basis. I do this weekly.

3. Commit to sending high vibes to your money as it flows in and out. Express gratitude for any receive and bless any outgoing funds, asking them to return tenfold.

4. Organize your handbag, purse and wallet. This shows money you respect it and invites in more.

5. Clean out your car’s trunk. Believe it or not, this raises your vibe as you drive, and is especially important if you spend a lot of time on the road, transporting kids around or getting to in person meetings and events.

6. Start a weekly date with your money. Financially successful people spend 2 hours a week on their plan. Review your assets, liabilities, and net worth, and track your progress on savings and wealth building goals. Learn lessons quickly and celebrate your wins, even the small ones. (Extra credit: seek out experts to strategize on optimizing your money creation and management.)

7. Automate bills to avoid late fees and to free up your time to make more money. This declutters your calendar around money.

8. If you run a business, run your monthly reports and review them, clarifying projections so you can proactively make necessary adjustments. This is not a delegatable task!

Cheers to your spring cleaning and elevating your financial frequency!

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