What we focus on, expands. When we embody the essence of prosperity through our actions and intentions, we become magnetic to even more prosperity. As we look back upon the year past and look ahead to the next one, I thought you could use some suggestions on easy-to-implement things you can do to invite in and receive more prosperity and abundance!

  1. Keep things full: Coffee grinder with beans, gas tanks with gas, fuel oil tanks with gas, fridge with food, pantry with nourishing supplies, freezer with buy-ahead and feast-ready items, shelves with books to enjoy, albums with pictures to view, candles plentiful, and so forth.
  2. Bless your money as it comes in: Blessing is high vibe, and no matter what the amount is, express heartfelt gratitude as it comes into your world, thanking Source for its provision.
  3. Be charitable first: From a place of plentitude and abundance (meaning you have set your money flow to enable this as a priority), tithe (10%) to charities you care about (spiritual, educational, mission-based, etc.) to honor the source of it all. Money comes to us through other people, and they are not the source. Source is the source of our money and of everything.
  4. Bless your money as it goes out: Ask it to return to you tenfold.
  5. Seek to have fun: Fun is high vibe. When we seek joy in all things, we are naturally buoyed up in our energetic frequency, becoming in kind a closer match to all the juicy goodness we desire in our life.
  6. Connect with Truth teachings: 10 minutes daily, review Truth teachings you have previously been exposed to, which will help remind you how it’s all good, life happens for us, and the Universe wants you to have what you desire even more than you desire it!
  7. Be open and detached: Choose to be open to receive and detached from the outcome or the how. We receive to our capacity to receive, and doing this with intention will expand your receiving capacity and attract more of what you want to you.

May you celebrate your wins this past year and open your arms wide open for all the good things to come in the next year!!

Holding BIG space for your most prosperous year yet!


PS If having clarity around what’s possible for your money is on your action list, let’s get that going by scheduling an Expansion Call at www.susanglusica.com/schedule. As I love to say, there’s nothing as generative as CLARITY!

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