The Awakened Inner Goddess Retreat – Your Path to Massive Success!

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July 16 – 18, 2021 (Virtual)


Are you on track for your money results in 2021 or are you starting to get a little nervous because you’re not quite where you thought you’d be, and/or you haven’t quite made up for 2020 yet?

In this 3-day virtual retreat, we will generatively clarify your second half of the year, strategize on best ways to invite in and receive 2X or 3X more income with several expert workshops, and enjoy luxurious self-care and expansive energy & magnetizing/visualization exercises.


Day 1: The Medicine of the 4 Elements & The Power of Ritual Featuring a Special Energetic Healing Workshop with Sarah Chessa (UK)


Day 2: Embracing the Power Within Featuring a Powerful Divine Feminine Workshop with Delphine Rose (Geneva)


Day 3: Stand in the Power of How the World Sees You, Goddess Featuring a Fascination Factor Workshop with Sue Tabaka-Kritzeck (Florida)

Sound like a great fit for you?

Who is this

Retreat for?

This is for fempreneurs, business and spiritual leaders and high-income professionals who desire the fastest path to massive success, who’ve tried all the things, strategies and tactics already, and who are looking for the best way to invite in and receive 2-3X more income the EASY way.

You know the feeling…you are taking massive action and not seeing your next level results. You’re feeling like you’re (still) not doing things the right way, or in the right order, to attract, connect with, and convert your (possibly new) ideal client, that top 20% who give you 80% of your revenue. And maybe even you think there’s gotta be a better way, because you see others who seemingly have it the easy way.

That’s EXACTLY why I created this Virtual Retreat for my Money Energy Mastery mastermind partners, and then decided to open it up to a select handful of personal connections such as you, because it’s just too good to keep to ourselves! My mastermind partners are on a mission to DOUBLE or TRIPLE their overall money results in one year, and this event is designed to propel them (and now you) to doing that in the most aligned, inner guided way possible: By stepping full on into your Inner Goddess.


This is for you if you resonate with any of the following scenarios:

Are you on track for your money results in 2021 or are you starting to get a little nervous because you’re not quite where you thought you’d be, and/or you haven’t quite made up for 2020 yet?

Do you try to outthink the problem, and get ahead of it, so to speak, but don’t see your desired cash flow out of your business?

Are things in your pipeline perhaps drying up right in front of your eyes, or dropping out completely, and you can’t quite figure out why?

Or maybe you’ve bumped up against a new upper limit and can’t seem to go any higher.

If you are looking for transformation at the speed of light, know that the time is NOW to up-level your life and your business, and enjoy experiencing luxurious self-care while Quantum Leaping, THIS is for you. When you make it all about the money, you become a better person. What’s required is your stepping fully into your highest level of full self-expression. As they say, what got you here won’t get you there, to your next level. This is especially for you if you have yet to attain consistent money results

When you make it all about the money, you become a better person. What’s required is your stepping fully into your highest level of full self-expression. As they say, what got you here won’t get you there, to your next level.

This is especially for you if you have yet to attain consistent money results.

You could keep on waiting for external circumstances to change an internal situation. Or, you could keep trying to figure this out on your own.

But why not leverage experts so you can stand on our shoulders and Quantum Leap to your desired income faster?

In fact, faster than you can probably imagine. Because this Retreat is all about going deep, anchoring your energy and stabilizing fast growth so you have what you want by year end.

You are invited to join me, the UNRIVALED REALIZER, creator of Money Realities & Realizations, and discoverer of the 7 energetic levels of money consciousness, at:

 The Awakened Inner Goddess Retreat – Your Path to Massive Success

Embrace Your Uniqueness to Quantum Up-Level Your Life & Business 2021 

A Virtual Retreat and Exponential Growth Experience 

Friday, July 16, 9a-3p ET

Saturday, July 17, 9a-3p ET

Sunday, July 18 9a-1p ET


I’ll be shipping you a very high-end swag box that you’ll receive in advance, with gifts, luscious retreat materials, a workbook, your personal copy of a Toltec wisdom book, your Fascination Factor pre-work—AND a creative way to celebrate your transformation.

Total Value $3,500 – Special Offer $2,997

FREE for Money Energy Mastery Mastermind participants

Normally, for an in-person event, you would incur the cost of flight, hotel, transportation/transfers, and meals PLUS 3+ days away from your family and business to attend such an event.

This professionally produced, expert-packed virtual  event enables you to carve out 6 hours for 2 days each and 4 hours for the final day withOUT the stress of packing, delegating all your tasks at home and office, or dealing with jet lag or having to wear masks at ANY time for any length of time…and have THE transformation you’ve been wanting to step fully into your inner power, your inner goddess, your inner Divine feminine.

The value of being guided on this transformative experience within an intimate group of like-minded women by the UNRIVALED REALIZER—combined with the powerful experts in energetic healing, the Divine feminine, and your Fascination Factor—cannot be over stated. And it all depends on what you are willing to invest in your own transformation. Future

Retreats will likely be in person and require a different level of investment. If it helps with your decision, I’m offering you a special Decisiveness Discount to sweeten the pot…read on.

With the fast transformation and exponential growth to be had within this virtual experience, you will be able to clarify your 2X or 3X income goal for the remainder of 2021, and know the pathway to magnifying it and co-creating it from the position of the empowered inner feminine, connected in new ways to co-creating it with the Universe, at higher and higher levels.

This is the inner pathway to Exponential Receiving, because we receive to our CAPACITY to receive, and this event is uniquely curated to help you expand that inner receiving space to hold and stabilize 2X to 3X more money.

It’s time for you to Quantum Up-Level YOUR Life! Join me at The Awakened Inner Goddess Retreat – Your Path to Massive Success (bring a friend and save big!)

We have space for 15 soul-aligned women in this unique virtual experience…and people are rolling in now. Will you be one of them? We hope so!!

Pay in Full for ONE TICKET $2,997

Pay in Full for TWO TICKETS (you and a friend) for 50% off 2nd ticket $4,250.00

*** If you’re not sure yet if you would like to bring a friend, and/or you would like a payment plan option of some kind, you can put down a $500 Decisiveness Deposit to secure your seat and the discount. ***

Got a Question? 

We’ve Got Answers!

What’s the Cancellation Policy

Because participation in this retreat requires a definite decision from you to fully commit for your non-negotiable success, there are no refunds. Make whatever arrangements that are necessary for you to show up, play full out, for your UNAPOLOGETIC PROSPERITY. Because that’s what you’re here to get. Period.

Will there be a replay for any parts of the event I miss?

We invite you to treat this event as THE event that will catapult you to your next level, and where you won’t know in advance the exact moment that the aligned drop of wisdom you are present to get will come to you. You are your most valuable client, so treat it like the most important meeting on your calendar. We have purposely allowed sufficient free time in each day for you to handle anything that might come up for your immediate attention. That said, just like an in-person live event, certain parts will be recorded. It is not guaranteed that every portion will be available for replay, such as the Breakout Sessions, which are not recordable.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, if you would like to bring a friend, we offer a BOGO ½ Off. Meaning, you pay full, your friend pays half, one of you pays for you both (so we don’t get involved in how the split between you is handled) and you can split the difference any way you like between yourselves. Use the option above for TWO TICKETS.



Client Success Stories

I decided to work with Susan and implement her signature money energy methodology because I didn’t feel in control of my money or that I was good at creating it or being a good steward of it. I always felt that it was easy to create for others, but not for me, and I discounted any money my money made for me.

The initial concept that got me out of “out-thinking” the “how” was that energy comes FIRST. Highly educated women always want to think our way to the answer, and it was almost hurting my brain and the walls were closing in on my brain the more I tried to “out-think” it. I realized, and distinctly connected with, it’s a way of knowing versus thinking.

Because I started looking at money as being fun and supportive, my results since working with Susan were $362,497.28 in 6 months (or 17.5 TIMES ROI)! I released waiting for permission to create, or even waiting for the Universe to grant it to me, and stepped into BEing the powerful creator I am.

I now embody that so much more powerfully than ever before, and I own the fact that I have had a significant influence on my children because of the woman I am, the woman I am growing into, and the woman I am becoming.

Angela Marick

Angela Marick Coaching

The abundance has been amazing, and I’m in awe. I have had huge transformational shifts and Susan’s methodology has made an impact on me. I had a scarcity mindset, and what I found has made the biggest difference is keeping money top of mind, understanding the Universe serves that purpose of money coming to me. I now know I am worthy and deserving of money and abundance is my birthright. I can put my energies out there to manifest abundance and my belief has grown in myself and that the Universe is generous and will give back. What’s next is staying on top of it, maintaining the momentum I’ve achieved and staying firmly grounded in my new money beliefs. My results in 30 days were DOUBLE promised results, and I’ve just gotten started!

Colleen Rekers

Life and Health Coach, Global Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Business Growth Consultant

I had gotten into a money funk. I basically stopped believing I could easily create it and was responding a lot to negative feedback. What made the biggest difference for me in working with Susan is that I changed my mindset and got back to my natural positive mindset. The results have been pretty unbelievable! I made my investment back in 30 days, and within 15 days later I had a total of 43.6 TIMES Return on Investment (ROI), or $218,900 banked. The biggest insight I had was that there was somebody out there who understands the Universal Laws, when I had always understood them on an intellectual level, and who gained actual results from them who could teach me how to play with them on a practical level. There was someone who was living proof of what’s possible, and that gave me 100% belief that it was possible for ME. She took conceptual ideas to practical application. What I have learned working with Susan will hugely impact my results in the future, because now I’m thinking differently, feeling more confident, and bridging the gap.

Grace Bermudes

Check It Off Your List Now

I was hesitating joining Susan’s program to double my money in 30 days or sooner as I was not sure I would be able to double my money in a month from a place of integrity and in alignment with my soul purpose. What helped me to sign into this program was to tap into my entrepreneur mindset and to remind myself that any entrepreneur has to take a calculated risk to invest and grow their business, and that should be true for a spiritual business, too.

One of the biggest shifts that I experienced during Susan’s program was that I had a blind spot in money consciousness with regards to my capacity to earn money directly from my spiritual business. I realised that I need to honour the depth of my embodied experience, years of honing my skills with regard to my spiritual gifts and to price my sacred offerings accordingly, which, in turn, also honours my clients.

During the program, I was able to launch a program I was working on at a much higher price point than I would have previously. I offered 10 spaces which filled up in 3 days. I had my first month making just above $20K which was amazing. (4.3 TIMES Return on Investment or ROI)

I appreciated Susan’s practical and structured approach to creating bigger money results and taking inspired actions.

Thank you, Susan, for your support and coaching.

Delphine Rose

Oracle of Delphine

I now realize you can be profit-minded and altruistic at the same time, and it’s a win-win. I’ve also realized that you have to really be specific in your mind about your goals but be very flexible about how you can to reach them. The results have been really good; I realized goals, including one I honestly did not think I would realize, and the business is much better for it. I’ve had lots of insight into how money and the way my parents treated money affected me and my belief in what I was capable of and deserving. I’ve had an inner shift about what’s important in business being, not just about the growth of everybody involved with the business, but the growth of the business as its own entity, which in some cases, is me, and another case is the entity. And, of course, I now realize that I am capable of, and deserving, of maximum growth and income. The first two quarters of 2020 (during the pandemic) have been better quarters for me than quarters prior to that.

Denise Gianna

Denise Gianna Designs LLC

One of the biggest insights I received working with Susan was that I get to have it however I want it, and understanding it doesn’t have to be hard. That was the core that started everything. Beforehand, I didn’t understand the energy work at all, and the Reality Multipliersᵀᴹ tool was really illuminating because previously there was only one way for me to realize the money. I use the Daily Practice and muscle testing to ensure my money and service goals light me up now. My results completely shattered expectations: 37 TIMES Return on Investment (ROI)!”

Windy Lawson

Marketing Mentor


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