The Power of Partnership

with Energy

A 3-Week Course with Susan Glusica

Congratulations for Joining Us for a Power-Packed, Fast-Paced Enrichment Course!

This course is designed to switch on and amplify your innate ability to attract the prosperity you desire. You receive money through other people when you serve them, and when you serve them at your highest level, you receive more money than you previously thought possible…with more ease, too! So, buckle up and let’s go!

Course Instructions:

These are designed to be watched one per week, and each is approximately 90 minutes.

Rules of Thumb:

A) For every hour of study time, allocate one hour of self-integration time, and
B) Keep in mind that newly learned material is best retained when reviewed within 72 hours of learning it (this is called the Forgetting Curve or the Rule of 72).




Pre-Course Bonus

4 Time Hacks & Expansion Exercises – Most of us have a full schedule already, so before we even start, I share 4 proven time hacks on how to wrangle back control of your jammed schedule, successfully manage priorities so you are always focusing on the most optimal thing you can do at any one time, and learning relaxation and expansion techniques to get and remain open for the exponential learning to follow!

Week 1

The Power of Partnership & How It Works – This first step is all about partnership with your creation side, the part of you that is your state of mind, your consciousness, your genius. You will learn the 7 steps to getting the money you want NOW, engaging your top 3 Reality MultipliersTM, and how to expand your CAPACITY since we only receive to our capacity to receive. You will also get a handout of the 7 Money Realities & RealizationsTM, the 7 energetic levels of money consciousness, with a prescription to easily getting to your next level.

Week 2

What’s Your Money Reality? – This next step is then where we discover what you believe about money, what you were taught (or not taught) about money—and because we humans are designed to replicate our environment, this is essential in understanding and then shifting for next level money results, so they serve you going forward. We also identify and solve your biggest money challenges.

Week 3

Magnetizing Prosperity Through Partnership – Then we pull it all together for you, because as you implemented what you learned over the past weeks, you will notice certain issues coming up for you. This requires open discussion and guidance to acknowledge these and pivot/shift them so they are no longer throwing up resistance to the abundant prosperity that is your birthright! We also walk you through a powerful magnetizing exercise.

Post Course-Bonus

Expansion Call – There’s nothing as generative as CLARITY. I am pleased to include a one-on-one 20-minute expansion call to give you additional clarity on what’s possible for your next level money results. I have a series of questions I will ask you that are designed to get you crystal clear on possibilities and illuminate the path to your next level, so you step confidently into serving at your highest level and opening wide open to the unlimited possibilities available to you! We also ensure you attained completion from the course materials.



Session 1

Session 2

Session 3