7 Tips to Channeling Your Natural Magnetism

As the UNRIVALED REALIZER, my ability to see what others can’t, won’t or don’t enables me to deliver just that: unrivaled realizations. In fact, it’s what I named my LLC.

The challenge I see often with fempreneurs, especially those coming over from corporate in the Great Resignation, is you aren’t aware of the innate power you contain within. I’m talking about your personal magnetism.

Today, I’d like to share 7 tips with you so you can channel and expand this compelling, natural phenomenon to attract your perfectly aligned clients and get the money flowing into your bank account right now.

  1. Eradicate leaks by becoming aware of where you are allowing distraction. Where are you prioritizing others before yourself? Ask yourself: What is in my highest and greatest good? What’s in yours is in everyone else’s.
  2. Mimic the strong by seeking to emulate the most magnetic person you know. When we mirror the successful, we become like them very quickly, cutting to the chase and having the result we want sooner.
  3. Visualize attracting your ideal, soul-aligned clients. As I explain in my international best-seller, Money Energy Mastery; The 7 Money Realities, imagination is one of your six higher level faculties. Imagine you are viewing the globe from the vantage point of the international space station. Now see all the souls lighting up across the globe. These are the souls that you are calling to work with you.
  4. Work your energy “baffles” by breathing with intention. First, connect to the now moment by focusing on your breath. Take a deep one in to the count of 4, hold for the count of 5, then release for the count of 6. Repeat 3 times or more. This engages your solar plexus, or the energy center of your body, and calms and resets your nervous system to turn it “on.”
  5. Infuse your messaging with your specific Desired Outcome. Say you want to attract people to a specific program by a specified timeframe. That’s your Desired Outcome, which you want to energetically infuse into your messaging. As you craft your message, stay in the energy of attracting that specific number of people for that particular program. Is it 5, 10, or more? By when?
  6. Audit your energy. Take time throughout the day to check in on how energetic you feel. On an index card, segmented into 15- or 30-minute periods, note what you were doing and how you felt. Was it high energy, such as love, joy or happiness, or was it low energy, like fear, worry or anxiety/stress? You will notice just by expanding your awareness that you will naturally seek to do more of what brings you love, joy and happiness. Naturally, this will increase your personal magnetism as well.
  7. Know how the world sees you at your highest value. The only assessment that helps you do this is Sally Hogshead’s How to Fascinate profile. (Go to www.HowToFascinate.com and take her low-cost assessment, which will provide a multi-page PDF report to clarify your top 2 advantages.) Leveraging this will help you stay in your brilliance and naturally attract those you are uniquely designed to serve. It’s how I know I’m the Unrivaled Realizer and at my highest value I deliver Unrivaled Realizations!

I would love to know how this works for you. Drop me a comment below.

Holding BIG space for you to step into the abundant prosperity that is your birthright,

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