Track the Right Things – Essential Tips for Expansion

There’s a part of you that wants a better tomorrow.

We are programmed for more life.

Trees don’t stop growing and evolving.

Neither do we.

Yet sometimes we take a pause, or we need to rest after a big whoosh of growth.

There is an ebb and flow to natural cycles.

And sometimes, truth be told, we stay in the “safe” zone, AKA our comfort zone, a wee bit longer than we need to.

So if you have found yourself settling for what you’ve got, and you know you want more and are willing to get moving again…

…here are some essential tips to help you get unstuck:

1. Realize that what we track grows, so make sure to track the right things, like money in and money out, on the daily. I give my clients an easy 1-sheet tracker for this.
2. Because everything is energy and so is money, lead it with your financial frequency. Take an energy audit and track your frequency throughout the day periodically. What time is it, what state (ex: joy or fear) are you in, and what were you doing at the time? Notice with increased awareness you will make different choices over time toward higher states, which increases your ability to generate higher levels of money.
3. It’s also important to track the money you banked (as in actually received to your bank account) as well as the amount you sold, because you need to be aware of how much you are selling on an ongoing basis that will fill your bank account. There could be payment plans to account for, so selling a 5-10K program and receiving a deposit of 1-2K with payments over time are two very different things to track and be aware of. Your ego brain needs to know both.
4. Since we don’t want the money, and we want what the money enables us to be, do, and have, also track and be grateful for all of that. Did it enable you to upgrade a vehicle, have a fancy meal out with your honey or friends, add a nice piece of decor to your living space, hire delegation of some service, or buy the tickets for your next vacation? That’s what you celebrate!
5. Finally, track the rich moments in your life, what I like to call the wealth of moments. It’s what life is all about and expressing, and being in, gratitude maintains a high vibe, which is super generative and fun, and the cycle repeats.

I’m on a mission to raise the money consciousness of the world so you experience prosperity.

It’s about unapologetically making it all about the money, for what it enables you to be, do and have. Remember, it is noble to be rich, as it facilitates your expression of all the love in your heart.

I would love to know how the above tips help you as you give yourself permission to be rich in all the senses of the word and serve at your highest level. The world depends on it!