Does Your Money Mindset Need a Reset?

Many people I speak with tell me, more than anything, that they really want to change their money mindset.

You want to shift this because your money results are showing up as:

  • “Beating yourself up” that you’re not doing enough or aren’t good enough or your contributions are inconsequential.
  • Resisting fully receiving and absorbing the blessing of money you’ve already realized.
  • Staying in the “even-Steven” game where a windfall/new client/big sale is immediately followed by an unpreferred circumstance or event, like water coming through the ceiling or your car breaking down.

After all, mindset work is where it’s AT!

And it can be really powerful to habitualize new thoughts and paradigms about money, most certainly.

The Reality is…

…Your mindset is ALWAYS perfect.

(Unless you’re not where you want to be.) 

What if…

Mindset is the gateway to Energy.

Remember, everything’s energy and so is money.

When we want to have different results, the standard wisdom is to go back to your thoughts, which create our feelings, which direct our actions, which deliver our results.

If our mindset is always perfect, however, what’s the ACTUAL thing we get to change in order to change our results?

It’s in your energy, my friend.

Stay with me here…

What I’m talking about is the state of consciousness you are in in any moment.

Sir David Hawkins proved we can calibrate the vibrational frequency of our energy or state of consciousness at any time.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt tension that you could cut with a knife?

Or have you every experienced joy and love where everything felt possible?

The difference between those two states is that the frequency of the first is “lower” than that of the second.

This is something you can attune to in your own body, where the “lower” frequencies of shame, anxiety, regret, and worry feel “heavier” than the states of courage, love, joy, happiness, and gratitude.

And the higher our vibrational frequency, the more abundance, prosperity, joy, happiness, and money we attract.

Because like attracts like.

Enjoy these quick tips on how to raise your vibrational frequency quickly, and keep it there:

  • If you have access to nature, use it and use it often. Nature is naturally high vibe and plugging into it helps us resonate in kind. If it’s safe to walk barefoot, that’s an added benefit of grounding to the earth’s energy.
  • Meditation – even the briefest, 30-second breathing method – puts us in a higher state of consciousness.
  • Beauty, such as art, poetry, sculpture, paintings, and the like, raises our frequency. There is order and symmetry in beautiful things, so find something you see as beautiful, and it doesn’t have to be a major purchase, and bring it into your environment to enjoy regularly.
  • Music, whether it’s classical or classic rock, has the ability to raise our energy.
  • Dancing is a physical way to get our energy up, because fun is high-vibe (do this one if you have fun dancing, or can dance where and when no one is looking).
  • Laughter raises our energy – when was the last time you saw or read a comedy?
  • Love is high-vibe, and finding ways of expressing and experiencing love can infuse more energy into your day.
  • The highest vibe is gratitude – we cannot embody a higher state. Find the tiniest thing you can be grateful for in the moment or situation, and start there. Keep finding more and more things to be grateful for…and your energy will be as high vibe as it can get.

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