About Susan

Who is Susan Glusica?

My name is Susan Glusica. I am the Unrivaled Realizer. I am known for humanizing the fastest path to inviting in more money because I am standing for UNAPOLOGETIC PROSPERITY. I humanize the fastest path for expanding your prosperity, legacy and generosity.

After 20 years in the “corporate cubicle” side of the financial services industry, I had a crisis of legacy and could no longer see my impact in the world. I wanted proximity with clients. I wanted to make a bigger, bolder difference in my life and the lives of others. After 8 years on the client-facing side, I realized, no matter their income level, the biggest challenge people face is being unaware how to keep, give and grow more so they can be, do and have more.

I co-hosted a popular 2018 WTBQ weekly radio show, “Wall Street to Main Street, Money Matters that Matter.” I am an international best-selling author, a Certified Speaker by Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN) and Leader of WPN’s Orange County Chapter 2016-2018. I gratefully support Hudson Valley Cancer Resources, Equine Rescue, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh, and USO.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities from New York University with honors. I am the proud recipient of NYU’s Founder’s Day Award for scholarly achievement in 2003 and member, Alpha Sigma Lambda, Delta Upsilon Chapter.

I reside in scenic Northern Poconos in Pennsylvania, with my husband and our cat, and enjoy local hikes, golfing, fishing, and wineries.

In 2018, I founded Unrivaled Realizations LLC and created my signature group coaching program, Money Realities & Realizations. Through my discovery of the 7 Money Realities, I created a powerfully practical method for attracting and receiving more money.


Powerful Success Stories

“The abundance has been amazing, and I’m in awe. I have had huge transformational shifts and Susan’s methodology has made an impact on me. I had a scarcity mindset, and what I found has made the biggest difference is keeping money top of mind, understanding the Universe serves that purpose of money coming to me. I now know I am worthy and deserving of money and abundance is my birthright. I can put my energies out there to manifest abundance and my belief has grown in myself and that the Universe is generous and will give back. What’s next is staying on top of it, maintaining the momentum I’ve achieved and staying firmly grounded in my new money beliefs. My results in 30 days were DOUBLE promised results, and I’ve just gotten started!”

– Colleen Rekers

Life and Health Coach, Global Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Business Growth Consultant



“I decided to work with Susan and implement her signature money energy methodology because I didn’t feel in control of my money or that I was good at creating it or being a good steward of it. I always felt that it was easy to create for others, but not for me, and I discounted any money my money made for me.

The initial concept that got me out of “out-thinking” the “how” was that energy comes FIRST. Highly educated women always want to think our way to the answer, and it was almost hurting my brain and the walls were closing in on my brain the more I tried to “out-think” it. I realized, and distinctly connected with, it’s a way of knowing versus thinking.

Because I started looking at money as being fun and supportive, my results since working with Susan were $362,497.28 in 6 months (or 17.5 TIMES ROI)! I released waiting for permission to create, or even waiting for the Universe to grant it to me, and stepped into BEing the powerful creator I am.

I now embody that so much more powerfully than ever before, and I own the fact that I have had a significant influence on my children because of the woman I am, the woman I am growing into, and the woman I am becoming.”

–Angela Marick, DC, Angela Marick Coaching www.angelamarickcoaching.com

“”One of the biggest insights I received working with Susan was that I get to have it however I want it, and understanding it doesn’t have to be hard. That was the core that started everything. Beforehand, I didn’t understand the energy work at all, and the Reality Multipliersᵀᴹ tool was really illuminating because previously there was only one way for me to realize the money. I use the Daily Practice and muscle testing to ensure my money and service goals light me up now. My results completely shattered expectations: 37 TIMES Return on Investment (ROI)!”

– Windy Lawson, Marketing Mentor www.windylawson.com

“I now realize you can be profit-minded and altruistic at the same time, and it’s a win-win. I’ve also realized that you have to really be specific in your mind about your goals but be very flexible about how you can to reach them. The results have been really good; I realized goals, including one I honestly did not think I would realize, and the business is much better for it. I’ve had lots of insight into how money and the way my parents treated money affected me and my belief in what I was capable of and deserving. I’ve had an inner shift about what’s important in business being, not just about the growth of everybody involved with the business, but the growth of the business as its own entity, which in some cases, is me, and another case is the entity. And, of course, I now realize that I am capable of, and deserving, of maximum growth and income. The first two quarters of 2020 (during the pandemic) have been better quarters for me than quarters prior to that.”

– Denise Gianna, Denise Gianna Designs LLC, www.denisegiannadesigns.com

“Anyone considering this program needs to just say YES! I’ve had some amazing, eye-opening shifts from this group. From getting my money flow organized to better understanding my beliefs around money to knowing how to keep my energy high for optimal results, I highly recommend this is the place to be. I feel like it’s rubbing off: My son received a full scholarship to one of his top schools, my business goals of increasing my revenue are becoming realized, and I sold my house for more than the previous offer!”

– J. Muller, LCSW-R, Dynamic Intervention Wellness Solutions www.dynamicinterventionllc.com

“Susan has helped me get financially organized, opened me up to what’s truly possible with my money, and guided me to realizing increased business cash flow. As an example, one check I recently picked up from a client was 75% bigger than expected! When we mapped out my month’s money goal and then projected where it would come from to figure out the gap, it amazed me that it was actually in reach. In fact, we upped it so there’s a stretch, and I feel confident I will achieve it.”

– T. Knight, Knight Creative Services Inc. www.knightcreative.com

“I have experienced multiple shifts and realizations working with Susan. She has helped me improve the efficiency of my sales conversations and get clear on what I really want and why. I also received an unanticipated bonus from a VIP client and manifested the holiday gift of my desires from my long-time boyfriend while in the program. I highly recommend her as both a one-on-one coach or a group coach. You’ll have shifts you never realized you could have!”

– S. De Robertis, CFO for Hire, www.susanderobertis.com

“Susan and I worked through some old, deeply seeded and inherited beliefs of unworthiness.  While I had a self-awareness about this, our discussions helped me to reason through how these patterns shaped my current routine and how to unwind them by replacing them with more appropriate and positive language and routines. I was thrilled to realize that once I had my mind set on specific details regarding my goals, which happened to include several contracts in my life plus business targets, that I was provided introductions and timelines that matched.  Simplified, how can you get to where you’re going without a specific and actionable plan?  In theory, I knew these things, I counsel others on this, but putting this into practice for myself made all the difference and resulted in closed business, a streamlined practice with more specific growth plan, a house sale, and an overall simplicity and hyper-focus in my thought process.”

– K. Wilson, MBA, Wealth Advisor & Founder, Nourish Wealth Management, www.NourishWM.com