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My name is Susan Glusica. I am the Unrivaled Realizer. I am known for humanizing the fastest path to inviting in more money because I am standing for UNAPOLOGETIC PROSPERITY. I humanize the fastest path for expanding your prosperity, legacy and generosity. It’s all about how to lead your money with your energy!

After 20 years in the “corporate cubicle” side of the financial services industry, I had a crisis of legacy and could no longer see my impact in the world. I wanted proximity with clients. I wanted to make a bigger, bolder difference in my life and the lives of others. After 8 years on the client-facing side, I realized, no matter their income level, the biggest challenge people face is being unaware how to keep, give and grow more so they can be, do and have more.

I reside in scenic Northern Poconos in Pennsylvania, with my husband, and enjoy local hikes, fishing, and wineries.

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When I was in the corporate world for the first 20 years of my career, every time I moved to a different position, they needed to hire two to three people to replace me. I should have been an efficiency expert, right? Then I had what I call a crisis of legacy, because I could not see my footprint and my soul was no longer fulfilled. 

I moved over to the client-facing side of the financial industry at the urging of my own financial advisor and at the shock of my husband and family. Several unanticipated life events created my perfect financial storm, and I very soon found myself selling jewelry to buy groceries. This was after my car had been repossessed and we were forced to declare bankruptcy due to a family medical circumstance. 

You may find it strange that a family who had a financial plan for 14 years would need to file for bankruptcy. The true reason was that I hadn’t made it a priority to follow one particularly important tenet of the planning methodology: save 20% after full protection. We had the full protection down, with full disability income and life insurance (which is good stewardship). But we somehow never prioritized moving from a 5% savings rate to the recommended one. So, we lacked the financial wherewithal to withstand unexpected medical expenses on the heels of my going into “eat what you kill” entrepreneurship, which had decimated our existing savings before we caught up.

After processing the shame of that financial experience, and not wanting anyone else to ever have to go through it, I have made it my mission to raise the money consciousness of the world for prosperity for all. In the summer of 2018, I made my signature discovery that there are seven energetic levels of money consciousness, and I created a time-tested methodology to humanize the fastest path to two to three times more money so you can expand your prosperity, generosity, and legacy.


Just by breathing, you are worthy. The key that unlocks unlimited opportunity for you and everybody else is desire. I cannot give anyone desire. When you are willing to grant yourself permission to want, to desire, to be, do and have to your highest level, that’s when things get interesting and my philosophy becomes relevant to you.

I am a product of my process, and only teach what works, based on scientific and Universal law and principles. It is therefore applicable to, and accessible for, everyone–including you!

It’s about the seven energetic levels of money consciousness, figuring out which one you’re in,  and implementing the prescription for moving to the next one…should you desire to. If you are completely satisfied with your Money Reality level, congratulations! Your mindset is perfect and there’s nothing to expand for you. You are expressing yourself at your highest level, answering the call to serve humanity at your most optimal potential, and getting handsomely compensated!

However, if you are not satisfied and want to explore how to have more money without more effort, in fact, with a lot less hustle, then book an Expansion Call with me to get generative clarity on what’s possible for your money. Or, go over to my Blog articles and check more of our content out for more in-depth information on my philosophy. Or get my book.

The key is taking action. Without action, it all remains a hope or a wish…and we don’t wish, we get results. The good news is that procrastination is desire put on hold. If you’re procrastinating, it means you actually DO want more money. If that’s the case for you, I invite you to step into courage.

And if you need courage, you can always borrow mine. This is how energy works. You can never deplete mine. It’s renewable. And so is money. Because everything is energy, and so is money. So take action in the now moment. Go for it!


Guilty Pleasures


I love Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt


My late cat thought he was a dog so we would walk him on a leash


I´m obsessed with expanding minds


My guilty pleasure is enjoying single malt scotch by the fire


My favorite couples activity is model rockets and fireworks


I can´t live without Truth

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1:1 Elite Coaching To Help Get You Way More Money FAST

You are at $30K monthly total income and you want to DOUBLE your income within 6 months or sooner.

Group Coaching: Elevate Your Financial Frequency NOW

You’re at $7-8K+ monthly total income and want to add $9K+ to your bank account in 30 days or sooner.

Group Year-long Mastermind: Money Energy Mastery

You are at $20K monthly total income and you desire $50K+ months within 12 months or sooner.


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My Accomplishments


Co-hosted a popular 2018 WTBQ weekly radio show, “Wall Street to Main Street, Money Matters that Matter.”


Multi-time international best-selling author


Certified Speaker by Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN), Lifetime Member and Leader of WPN’s Orange County Chapter 2016-2018.


Member, Polka Dot Powerhouse - Diamonds (2020-2021)


Member, Lead Up for Women (2021)


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities from New York University with honors, and proud recipient of NYU’s Founder’s Day Award for scholarly achievement in 2003.

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