There is an increased effort these days to practice mindfulness, or BEing in the present now moment. The primary reason you want to do this on the regular is that, in reality, the now moment is the only one we have.

If we live life looking backwards, we do not step into the service we are meant to give humanity. It we always life for what’s to come, we are going to miss the richness of today unfolding before our very eyes. When we live mindfully, we are also more relaxed, confident and make better decisions. I’d even wager we live longer to boot!

The same is true of our money. If we make our money decisions and approach our money creation looking backwards, then our experiences will drive our results, rather than the unlimited opportunity present in the now.

If we approach them only looking towards what’s to come or our anticipation, we will likely not make the best decisions, be perpetually in debt and not generate optimal income consistently. I encourage you to embrace money mindfulness.

Your energy is your currency.

It’s all about raising your financial frequency (for more on how to do that, read my book, Money Energy Mastery; The 7 Money Realities. You can order your copy here .

We must become a frequency match to the Money RealityTM that we desire.

To help you lead your money with your ENERGY, here are 7 power tips for money mindfulness you can engage immediately to switch up your money relationship and results:

  1. Breathe and get centered.Engage your memory, which is a higher-level faculty. Think about all the money you have created over your lifetime, and fully appreciate how powerful a money generator you are.
  2. Going forward, track everything, all monies that come in, regardless of source. That includes gross income, gross business revenue, spouse’s salary, gifts, discounts, windfalls such as inheritance, affiliate fees and commissions (I offer a generous one!), personal loans, home equity lines of credit, business capital loans—it ALL counts. This helps expand your perspective about money in your life and increases your gratitude for it, which in turn attracts and magnetized even more.
  3. Have a 2-hour weekly finance session. If you are married or in a long-term committed relationship, include your partner, even if you manage your finances separately, include her or him. Marriage and common law relationships equate to 50/50 no matter who owns what. Financially successful people regularly review their holdings, liabilities and net worth, along with cash flow and projections. They know their numbers and mind the gap between sales goals and actual sales.
  4. Leverage money creation and money planning/management experts. They will help you get 2-3X more money in your bank account first, then build the plan for 2-3X more money in your pocket, so you win the game of money. Note: Be aware if your experts serve the masses, or the 90% who own 10% or less of the wealth, or if they serve the 10% who control 90% of the wealth—and decide accordingly which you want to be.
  5. Have physical money, like a coin or a bill, visible and within reach where you work. Regularly touch it, look at it and express gratitude for its abundant presence in your life. This helps accelerate even more to come to you.
  6. Realize that by breathing, you are worthy of abundant prosperity. It is your birthright. Period.
  7. Get clear on exactly how muchmoney you desire and by when. Write it out and post it on your mirrors, take a picture of it on your phone, so you are reminded often and it is in your field. Pivot into curiosity and ask, what needs to be true for me to have that money by that date? And then look for signs and signals along the way.

If you need any help with any of the above, as the UNRIVALED REALIZER I would be honored to be your guide and help you expand your prosperity, generosity and legacy. Especially if you are challenged with breaking through to your next level.

Explore how with a complimentary Expansion Consult. I have a series of questions designed to get you crystal clear on what’s possible for your money.

After all, as I like to say: “There’s nothing as generative as clarity!”