The Secret to Feeling Worthy

August 20, 2020

Spoke with a coaching client about her retirement plan, which she had decided to create with me last year in my other business.

We discussed her engagement of the next step, and we discovered she had slid back into unworthiness in the past weeks.

This was confirmed by her having shown up regularly for a free Facebook group for month, which was originally conceived as a lead funnel (when it was really a vehicle for her giving away her brilliance).

There were 2 people consistently showing up.

That’s a lot of effort for 2 people with a one-way value exchange.

After a brief call, where we confirmed the value of her expertise, hard won experience, certifications, etc., she was back on track, acknowledging how valuable the solutions she provides to her clients truly are, even more so during a pandemic.

She was secure once again in her power of choice, transparency of what she was willing to do (change her mindset back to an abundant mindset), and agreement to reconsider doing what she had committed to doing a month ago for her retirement plan.


The reality is…

…we always get what we need.


No exceptions.

This was borne out by our further discussion on her launching a different group that would provide the cash flow for the future office expansion she envisioned, thus releasing the current funds to be absolutely allocated to her retirement plan.

There is societal pressure, especially in these times, to consider others before yourself.

To be in service.

To put others before yourself.

And this is not to say all of that isn’t valid.

What I know to be true is that when we make decisions from a place of security in the knowledge that we always get what we need, we are able to worry in order and make decisions that serve our highest and greatest good, which is in everyone’s highest and greatest good.

Imagine if you made decisions that way…what would be possible for you?

Would you be less anxious?

Would you be less worried about what others think?

Would you be less stressed about making the right choice?

Would you perhaps be better equipped to make decisions and make more of them?

(Pro tip: Successful people make decisions quickly and change them rarely, if ever.)

If this resonates with you and you are willing to explore what’s possible for your money and cash flow, drop me an email and I’ll connect with you directly about an upcoming opportunity for learning how to live in abundant and consistent cash flow.




If this doesn’t resonate with you, perhaps you might consider that if you’re triggered by this post, there may be something that is being revealed to you now.

I invite you to pivot into curiosity and explore what that might be, as resistance shows us our greatest opportunity for growth. Like a now-private client who realized it was about the fulfillment for her, not really the money. (And if I can help in that process, drop me an email!)