The Mindset Blocking Your Prosperity

August 28, 2020

*The mindset blocking your prosperity*

Most, like 85%, of the people I work with have this challenge.

And it absolutely blocks their ability to invite in and receive abundant prosperity.

They are not conscious of it at first.

It shows up as…

  • Money that comes in, goes right out, regardless of income level.
  • Fear of running out of money sits just under the surface.
  • Paying off debt at an accelerated rate and can’t quite seem to get ahead.
  • Lack prevails and there is never enough.
  • Opportunities seem to pass you by regularly.
  • Desires are frustratingly always just out of reach.

This is what I lovingly call a Middle-Class Mindset.

And if you have it, it’s very likely preventing you from having what you want.

It’s definitely blocking the money.

Because you believe that you must work hard for it and only ask for what you need.

You see, we think that creating money like our parents did will work for us.

But that’s like expecting filet mignon and having brisket.

These are different times; life is different and so are circumstances.

As is our consciousness.

The reality is…

…before we are a thought, we’re energy.

Yes, mindset is key and shifting it to a higher level mindset will work…


…it works even better when you shift your energy FIRST.

I’m gathering a group of brilliant people together to teach them exactly that: how to lead your prosperity in an energy-forward way.

This leads to shifting your money beliefs, ensuring you expand your energy before taking action (which makes everything flow with ease and grace), and inviting in and receiving abundant prosperity that’s your birthright…UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Bonus: You add $8K+ to your bank account in 30 days or less!

Interested? Intrigued?

We start soon so let me know by dropping me an email and I’ll be in touch.