Prosperity…It’s a Thing

December 5, 2019

As the Unrivaled Realizer, I humanize the fastest path to inviting in and receiving more money so you can expand your prosperity, legacy and generosity.

Prosperity means all kinds of things to different people. We don’t want the money, we want what the money gives us, or does for us:

More time with loved ones;
Up leveled car;
Bigger house;
Addition of a pool;
Giving more to charitable pursuits;
Leaving a legacy of significance in the world;
Treating our spouse to dinner whenever, wherever we want;
The best seats in the house;
Travel destinations on our bucket list;…the list goes on.

Do any of these resonate with you? Do you realize it’s within your reach to have whatever you want?

First, you need to understand the correlation between money and energy. Everything vibrates. You may have heard that everything is energy. With money, which is light and expansive at it’s most abundant resonance, we must bring our highest resonance to the table in order to magnetize it to us.

Humans have a natural, innate resonance at our highest state of being, which is gratitude. It’s the highest vibrational frequency we can have or embody in our bodies.

And, when we “vibe” gratitude all the time, or as often as possible to start, we magnetize, or invite in and receive as I say, the highest level of money we desire.

This is the starting point to having the prosperity we want, in any form.

What are you doing on a daily and ongoing basis to maintain a state of gratitude as often as possible, if not always? For me, it started some years back in the form of a daily written gratitude journal, where I write 3 things I am most grateful for.

Was it challenging in the beginning? Yes, as is forming any new habit. And I persisted (there’s that again), and before I knew it, I had internalized it to the point it’s like brushing my teeth. In fact, I never start my day without it.

This is part of how I’ve been able to powerfully and practically invite in and receive two vehicles of our dreams, a beautiful living environment, half a million “extra” dollars, and a hot marriage of nearly 17 years. This is how I am able to call in whatever amount of money I want from the two businesses I have.

I invite you, if you haven’t done so already, to enter our 7-Day Challenge to expand your money energy in 7 days or less for more prosperity, whatever that looks like for you!


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