The Importance of Saying Yes for Getting to Your Next Level

October 8, 2019

I remember my first mentor who said I was a hard case for her to inspire to say yes to her women’s coaching pilot program, which was 8 years ago. A mere 6 months prior, I had become a corporate refugee after an accomplished 20-year career, and frankly, I was struggling in my bid for entrepreneurship. Habits are challenging to change, for sure. And if nothing else, entrepreneurship teaches you about you, the real you, not the socialized and corporately-shaped you. I was struggling to gain my footing in an “eat what you kill” career. And my husband had just lost his job! So, I know what it’s like to look one’s circumstances in the face…and say YES despite them.

Looking back, it all started when she finally convinced me that the cost of not saying yes, not investing in my growth, not taking different action for different results, not leveraging a 30-year veteran to Quantum Leap, was too high to bear, too much to survive and thrive to the level of success I desired, and deserved.

Why is it so challenging for us humans to say yes when someone is offering us guidance, offering to show us the way to what we want? As Rav DovBer Pinson maps out in Power of Choice, there are four levels of living:

  1. Securing Physical Existence and Needs
  2. Loving and Being Loved
  3. Meaning and Purpose
  4. Connection and Transformation

So, unless our physical needs are being met, we stay focused on that level until we are fulfilled and feel ready to move to the next one, and so forth. However, what’s usually missed is the fascinating reality that within each level are the other three levels. For example, there is a physical element to Loving and Being Loved, as there is meaning and purpose, and connection and transformation.

When we are consciously aware that opportunity has an expiration date and that when we say yes to an opportunity, the means become evident. I did not know how I was going to pay for that first coaching program eight years ago. And yet, when I (finally) said yes—despite being full on into Level 1 of existing—the way showed up.

And I am so happy and grateful that I did say yes. Because it was the start of my growth and expansion that continues to this day, and I am eternally grateful that she persisted and held space for me. Which is what I do for the people I work with.

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