Persist Until Your Desired Outcome Becomes a Reality

August 8, 2019

There is a lot to be said about persistence. The way we teach people how to invite in and receive the money they want includes focusing on one’s Desired Outcome, and then taking aligned action until it is achieved. This may kick up a lot of resistance. We persist. Because quitters never win and winners never quit, as I learned in sport karate so many years ago.

This may mean releasing habits which no longer serve you. We persist.

This could also mean digging deep and gaining clarity and commitment on BEing the one who already has it. We persist.

And yes, it is always easier in the short run to give up. To return to the safety and security of old habits and put them on again like an old cardigan. But at what cost to your Desired Outcome?

You see, there is a part of us which is programmed to maintain the status quo. There is also an inherent human need for connection and therefore a fear of being kicked out of the tribe if we allow our light to shine too brightly.

And in reality, when we persist in becoming our highest version of ourselves, not only do we inspire others to do the same, and what a wonderful thing THAT is, we also give ourselves a new experience, which is the fastest path to RESULTS.

Also, Universal Law states we cannot desire something without the means to attain it already being present. Yeah, go ahead and wrap your mind around that for a sec. When we persist in saying yes to the Desired Outcome we want, and persist in bringing our highest level self to the table and take the required aligned actions, we attain our Desired Outcome. And everyone wins!


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