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Let’s Get Real

There’s a societal mindset around money. Men feel obligated to provide it and therefore become money motivated.

Women feel obligated to minimize the importance of money and be nurturers  and givers.

(Of course, there are always exceptions.)

The point is, all people struggle with their personal value because they are concerned with what society thinks. We are hard wired to seek connection and abide by that societal money mindset, so we don’t get kicked out of the tribe. It’s completely normal.


What if you were granted a “paid in full” status in society? What would you do THEN? How would you exercise your free will?


What if, freed from society’s money mindset, you understood prosperity?

What if you understood that abundance is your NATURAL state?

What if you were always in your highest value?

What if you understood how money works?

What if you were a good receiver?


Everything is energy, and so is money

We don’t want the money, we want what the money GETS us. We also know this to be true: There is only abundance (it’s either an abundance of money or an abundance of bills) and we always receive to our capacity and level of worthiness. Isn’t it time you stepped into your birthright and expand your abundance capacity?


My name is
Susan Glusica

I am the Unrivaled Realizer, creator of Money Reality & Realizations and discoverer of the 7 Money Realities. I am known for humanizing the fastest path to inviting in and receiving the money, so you can expand your prosperity, legacy and generosity. I am a stand for UNAPOLOGETIC PROSPERITY.

I am the prosperity coach who lives and succeeds in the real world. I combine the “woo woo” with the practical rubber-hits-the-road for unrivaled prosperity-getting results. And, I live in the land of unlimited possibilities – please join me.

I look forward to being your guide to exponentially expanding your capacity to fully receive total plenty, which is my definition of prosperity. Enjoy this expansive resource and all it offers you!


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